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Directors of Personal Change and Change Management

Woven into the rich therapeutic tapestry of Freedom Therapy is the unwavering belief that creating Inner-Peace, Balance, Harmony and Joy are essential ingredients to healing the broken and disjointed aspects of our life.

We strive for each and every client that trusts us with their vulnerable and sometimes fragile selves, to experience the utter joy and hope that comes when you free yourself from Addictive Behaviours.

Drug Use, Problem Drinking, Stress Overload, Toxic & Broken Relationships, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Shame, People Pleasing and Saying yes to others and No to yourself


Stress Management

The cocaine initiative


Meditation & Relaxation

Addiction Therapy

Grief Work




Experience a reduction in:
  • Irritability
  • Aggressive Behaviour
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Distress
  • Cravings
Expect improvements in:
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Mood
  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Energy Levels

Begin your journey into
Rediscovery, Self Discovery & Recovery

Three little things that makes us special

non 12 step approach

We have developed a unique non 12 step approach to self discovery and recovery combining addiction therapy, coaching and hypnotherapy.

SOS contact

We assign our clients an SOS contact that can be used 24/7 to help you through those difficult cravings.

You're in control

Only you can know when the right time to quit is. We will lead the way by establishing controlled drinking.


Meet the Freedom Therapy fighters.

Rebekah Rhind

Practice Owner
Addiction Specialist, Stress Management, NLP, CBT, Inner Child Therapy, Couples Counselling, Coaching, Auricular Acupuncture, Naturopathic Nutrition and Shamanic Healing

Candace Redden

Lead Hypnotherapist
Uses the therapeutic effects of hypnotherapy to reduce the clinical symptoms and vulnerability often associated with early abstinence and behaviour change.

What our clients have to say

I warmed to Candace immediately, her down to earth, straight forward attitude towards my issue was a breath of fresh air and left me feeling confident I was on the right path. The techniques used have helped me immensely and most importantly are now part of an arsenal that I now possess. I would highly recommend Candace to anybody looking to improve areas of their lives through hypnotherapy.
Simon, Essex
I have known Rebekah Rhind for six years and in that time she has helped me enormously to overcome my severe depression. During that time my self-esteem and confidence have reached new heights. Without her there would have been no light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot thank Rebekah enough for giving me my life back again
Rene N, North London
After I had made a number of unsuccessful attempts with other therapists to control my alcoholism I was recommended to the Freedom Therapy Clinic with Alistair and Rebekah. I have not had a drink now for over 10 years and my life has changed for the better in many ways. I owe it to their unfailing support and wisdom.
Angus, London and Bangkok



To start your journey of personal discovery please call or email us to book your free phone consultation.

Gresham Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4HN
07889 477543
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