The cocaine initiative

Nobody sets out to lose control over the amount of cocaine they use. Thats the problem, the belief that you are still in control and choosing to use, that its still fun, you can manage the aftermath fine and its normal to feel shit and tired and moody for the first part of your week. And to be fair you, on a night out, its more the norm to be using than not using right? So you normalise what you are doing, there’s nothing unusual about it, and as soon as the abnormal becomes your normal you have the beginnings of a true problem.

Having an out of control problem with cocaine doesn’t mean you are using all day every day. It may be a weekend binge, a monthly blow out, or maybe only when you consume alcohol. What is true though is if you are struggling to not use or feel it may be becoming more of a problem than you would like you will be fighting against a strong psychological pull to keep on using, despite the come downs, the loss of money, the time off work or any other consequences that will be directly attributed to cocaine use.

Cocaine directly impacts on your brain, affecting your central nervous system. Cocaine acts as dopamine re-uptake inhibitor which results in the sense of Euphoria you feel when you snort it. That good feeling is short lived though due to Cocaines incredibly quick absorption and metabolism leaving you gagging for more within 15 minutes. But each new line is nowhere near as good as the last and nothing like the first.

Bring on loss of control over cocaine as you start to chase that illusive good feeling that is never ever going to materialise. Add to this mix cocaines disruption to the body’s natural Dopamine recycling process leading to depression, anxiety, tiredness and lethargy and you have beginnings of intense withdrawal feelings and powerful cravings and you find yourself sniffing about for more cocaine.

Freedom Therapy are an amazing resource for the local community and have created this forward thinking initiative working in partnership with local pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants to address the extensive cocaine problem within their establishments and to let cocaine users know that Freedom Therapy is here and offers a valuable and supportive service to help cut back or cut out cocaine use.