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Our unique non 12 step approach to self Discovery and Recovery from anything from problem drinking to full blown alcoholism, over-use of social and recreational drugs to drug addiction, over reliance on sex to feel better to sex and porn addiction, gambling and any other behaviour that has stolen your right to choose has evolved from our extensive experience over the past 20 years of vast clinical and personal experience.

This, coupled with wisdom and knowledge gained from an extensive study of what does and doesn’t work, has lead to us being sought out Internationally, Nationally and Locally as experts in the field of Addictions and Behaviour Change.

Our highly successful approach utilises a combination of Addiction Therapy/Coaching, Hypnotherapy, EFT and Psycho-Imagination and we draw on an eclectic mix of therapeutic and spiritual practices.

We work holistically with our clients, honouring each person’s unique individuality, we promise we will never lose sight of you as an individual by labelling you purely as an addict- believe us, there is so much much more to you 🙂

And as we weave together the Rational, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Social aspects of your self Discovery and Recovery you will feel safe to explore your triggers, perpetuating factors and potentially painful insights in a wholly compassionate, accepting and safe environment.